Wolfe | Pincavage is born of the vision that modern business demands modern legal counsel. We believe that a lawyer is only as good as the value they deliver their clients. Valuable legal counsel provides outstanding results at a reasonable price. Modern legal counsel leverages technology to maximize efficiency, minimizes wasted resources, and achieves savings for its clients without compromising on the quality of its services. Modern legal counsel embraces agility, instant communication, and flexibility. Modern legal counsel acknowledges it must meet its client's needs on its client's schedule and thrives in an on-demand environment.

Our mission is simple: Be the new generation of legal counsel. 

To do so, we are a flexible, agile, and forward-thinking full-service law firm. We efficiently provide high quality legal services to our clients, and do so at reasonable prices through the use of technology and disciplined management of resources. We recruit and retain diverse and top talented professionals by providing quality mentoring, opportunities for advancement, flexible arrangements, and compensation that rewards everyone who contributes to making the firm successful.