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Five Lease Provision Trends for South Florida Restauranteurs

South Florida is no longer just a destination to escape snow-filled winters. With relaxed COVID-19 restrictions and favorable tax laws, New Yorkers and other northerners have flocked to South Florida, relocating their families and businesses. As Miami becomes ‘Wall Street South’ and an influx of tech moguls move to South Florida, restaurant operators are opening

How Ghost Kitchens and Pop-ups Can Help with Rent Costs During the Pandemic

When the pandemic hit the restaurant industry, it was an anvil dropped – on a bubble.  To run a restaurant is a constant struggle to keep a bubble aloft. Since restaurants operate on razor-thin margins, every day is a negotiation of labor costs, food costs and health inspections while attempting to create a memorable experience

Nationwide Delays in COVID-19 Test Results

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike, many have voluntarily opted to undergo coronavirus testing while others have been required to undergo testing for employment reasons. With recent coronavirus hotspots emerging in certain well-travelled states, there has been an unprecedented rate in testing, which has led to the backlog in test results.  Many states are offering