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Substance Use Disorder Services Level of Care Disputes

Substance use disorder (“SUD”) services are generally performed on a continuum of care, as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (“ASAM”). The five broad levels of care, from least to most intensive, are Early Intervention, Outpatient Services, Intensive Outpatient (“IOP”/Partial Hospitalization Services (“PHP”), Residential/Inpatient Services, and Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Services.   Performing services

Repurposing and Reinventing the Retail Sector

Prior to the pandemic of 2020, the retail real estate sector was already in trouble. The mandatory closures and quarantines further accelerated the industry’s decline, as the market already faced decreased demand due to a surge in online purchases. Thus, posing the question: reuse, redevelop, or reconsider? In response to current market conditions, commercial real

Reference-Based Pricing

Payors are using reference-based pricing (“RBP”) to cut health plan costs, saying goodbye to traditional participating provider (“PPO”) networks.  Reference-based pricing is a healthcare cost containment model that limits what a payor will pay a provider for healthcare goods and services. Most insurers these days use RBP for certain out-of-network benefits. However, this becomes problematic