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Medicare Advantage Plans must follow the Federal Administrative Appeal Process When Non- Contracted Providers Dispute the Overpayment Recoupments.

Many Medicare Advantage Organizations (“MAOs”) are not contracted with providers. When an MAO enrollee presents to the provider for healthcare services, the provider verifies the enrollee’s coverage, obtains authorization where necessary, and renders the requisite services. The provider then submits a claim to the MAO for payment, and the MAO adjudicates payment. Nevertheless, in many

Recent Court Decision: Promptly decide to invoke arbitration agreement

In a unanimous decision issued on May 23, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a long-standing requirement in several circuits that parties opposing arbitration demonstrate prejudicial harm before an arbitration clause is considered waived. Morgan v. Sundance, Inc. involved an employment dispute in which the employer engaged in litigation for eight months before seeking to compel arbitration