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Repurposing and Reinventing the Retail Sector

Prior to the pandemic of 2020, the retail real estate sector was already in trouble. The mandatory closures and quarantines further accelerated the industry’s decline, as the market already faced decreased demand due to a surge in online purchases. Thus, posing the question: reuse, redevelop, or reconsider? In response to current market conditions, commercial real

Best Practices for Title + Closings

At the onset of the pandemic, the expectation was that a recession would follow suit. Initially, the impact of the pandemic progressed slowly due to the nature of the real estate market. Most, if not all, of the deals that closed between March and May, were transactions that had been under contract since January. However,

Evictions and Moratoriums During Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a number of restrictions have been passed that have limited a Landlord’s ability to file eviction actions against tenants. Adding to the confusion, some of the restrictions have been vague and conflicting. Furthermore, Clerk’s offices across the State have received little explanation as to how to interpret the true intent