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With Love And Care: Two South Florida Attorneys Win $4.7M For Florida Health Care Systems for Claim Denials

“It is expensive to have arbitrators decide these disputes, and this case demonstrates that the treating medical providers may get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to deciding what care was necessary,” managing partner Doug Wolfe said. 

 UnitedHealthCare has been held responsible to pay $4.7 million to several health care systems in Central Florida for alleged claim denials and not properly processing claims. 

The outcome is a win for plaintiffs Leesburg Regional Medical Center and Tri-County Medical Center formerly known as Villages Regional Hospital and managing partners from Doug Wolfe and Danya Pincavage. The lawsuit transpired when UHC was found liable by a panel of three arbitrators Hon. Melvia B. Green, Hon. Clarence J. Jones and Hon. Ellen L. Leesfield. 

UHC caused millions in damages to Central Florida Health for, ignoring the medical condition of hundreds of patients and the clinical judgment of those patients’ physicians. 

Repeatedly denying reimbursement for life saving hospital treatment on the basis that such treatment was not medically necessary.