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Managed Care Litigation & Arbitration

Our healthcare team represents providers in litigation and arbitration proceedings against health plans, insurers, preferred provider organizations, and other managed care organizations.  

Healthcare law is multifaceted, and our proficiency allows us to develop comprehensive and efficient representation for health care companies involved in disputes. We develop innovative litigation strategies that best serve business and legal objectives. 


  • Contract Interpretation & Termination 
  • Out of Network Disputes Over Usual & Customary Rates 
  • Disputes Against International Payors Involving Questions of Jurisdiction 
  • ERISA Litigation Involving Adverse Benefit Determinations 
  • Multi-Party Disputes of Rental Networks 
  • Reference-Based Pricing 
  • Incorrectly Loaded Rates 
  • Late Payments 
  • Coordination of Benefits Issues 
  • Pre-Payment Review of Claims & Payment Process Related Disputes 
  • Improper Recoupment & Offsets
  • Improper Payment Policies 
  • & Many Other Issues